Galactic Gathering Star Wars MagicBands High Quality Pictures

Today, May 14th, 2015, was the Galactic Gathering event which I was able to attend. I met a few readers there (shoutout to Andrew, Mike, and Todd) and had a bunch of fun spending way too much money. Only attendees were given the option to pre-purchase these special Galactic Gathering event MagicBands, so they are quite rare. In fact, the green lightsaber band is only Limited Edition #/330 and the red lightsaber is #/350, making these some of the rarest MagicBands ever obtainable by the public. What’s great is that these even come in their own custom themed box (the box is the same for each band).

I will have videos of the lights and sounds they make at FP+ touch points tomorrow for you, but for now, here are the high quality pictures.

red_lightsaber_magicband_1 red_lightsaber_magicband_2


green_lightsaber_magicband_1 green_lightsaber_magicband_2









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  1. It was good to see you again! I was impressed that Disney limited the GG MagicBands to just the presale orders and there was no surplus MBs being sold at Darth’s Mall. It is surprising to learn that there was NOT an equal number of red and green MBs made.

    • Good to see you too Mike! I too was surprised by the numbers being different. But it makes me happy to see Disney release such a limited amount. It adds value and desire to MagicBands, which is exactly what any collectable needs. I hope they continue to offer them at small or 1-day events in the future (like the Villians Unleashed party, Destination D, D23 Expo, etc).

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