First images of the new Grumpy and Mickey MagicBands

I’ve gotten word that the predicted Grumpy and Americana Mickey MagicBands are out for sale. I’m still trying to track down the exactly locations of where and what the backs of the new bands look like. But I have marketing pictures!

  • Grumpy is Open Edition, retail for $19.95, and doesn’t make any lights/sounds at FP+ touch points.
  • Americana Mickey is Limited Release, retails for $24.95, and doesn’t make any lights/sounds at FP+ touch points.

This looks to be for the upcoming 4th of July Independence Day holiday in the USA:

Official - Americana

And if if I had to guess, this one is for all of the Dad’s out there who can’t seem to let go… Grumpy on a gray band:

Official - Grumpy

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  1. They are listed for $45. each on eBay, so someone got their hands on them.
    The seller listed 2 available of each, so maybe you can contact the seller and see which Disney store they got theirs from.

    Since we are being patriotic, the band reminds me of a quote from one of the 2 great ones – Bill S. Preston Esq. or Ted Theodore Logan. ( I forget which is which currently.) Anyway:
    “Welcome to the Hall of Presidents”


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