First look at the special lights at touch points for the DVC 25th Limited Edition MagicBand

Here’s a first look at the special lights and sounds that are shown using the new DVC 25th Limited Edition MagicBands. This video was taken at the entry touch point to one of the theme parks. The special lights and sounds only work at entry and not at FastPass+ touch points because this is a band that is sold throughout WDW, not a park-specific band. If you are at a touch point that has the sound turned on you will hear “Welcome Home!” upon scanning.

Special thanks to reader Jordan for the video!

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  1. Which LE magic bands, if any, were given to guests for free? I am looking to book a trip for the third week of December and was wondering about my chances for a free Christmas Mickey Magic Band.

  2. Anybody else heard about availability issues? Asked several retail places at Disney World yesterday and they indicated shipping issue had prevented distribution to retail stores. Now item is gone from app as well. Anybody know where to order from at this time?

  3. Just bought the Purple one and tried it in Hollywood studios and doesn’t change colour spoke to guest services who adv would change it but could not find any in stock spoke to disney parks app people who advised it shouldn’t change colour really not happy it was for my daughters birthday only bought it as changed colour and disney don’t seem to know what it should do ?? Anyone else have any info on them

  4. We are having the same problem thay have not changed at the entry pints at Magic Kingdom or animal kingdom for 2 days that might have shut the effects of the DVC band but my easter one still changes

    • Update, have tried both ones we bought. At all 4 parks, nothing different then any other band when entering the parks. Although the design is nice, we would not have bought them if it was not for your site and video. There are nicer looking bands, we would have had more. Kind of feeling disappointed.

      • I’m sorry it didn’t work for you. 🙁 The bands do (or did when I tried them) work for me at Hollywood Studios, so I’m curious why they aren’t for other people. Question: Are you both DVC members?

        • I feel like with bands not working for the last week or so making lights and sounds, like with the mickeys very merry Christmas one that I tried last week…that perhaps they’re running an update or have them turned off so a bit.

        • Yes I am a dvc member. We are home now from our vacation. Had a great time as always. Just that one disappointment.

  5. Just tried mine at Hollywood studios and it worked fine! I could not hear the audio though because the sound was too low, but it does for sure make sounds!:) and they have many of the magic bands left for purchase all around the park!:)

  6. I got my band a few days ago and I haven’t seen it do anything but turn green, where did you get these to turn colors??

  7. Just returned and had the first time to use this band-it didn’t do anything special at any of the parks-huge disappointment. My Flower and Garden band from 2014 continues to change colors. Really bummed

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