DVC 25th Anniversary Limited Edition MagicBands in all colors now on Disney Store

The new Disney Vacation Club 25th Anniversary Limited Edition MagicBands in all colors are now available for purchase on the Disney Store website. Previously these bands were on the Shop Disney Parks app but got pulled after they sold out of their allotment. Disney Store has these at a limit of 5 per color per person, which is a lot more than the usual 2 per person. You do not have to be a DVC member to order these, as far as I understand. These are limited to 2500 per color and do make special lights at entry touch points at Walt Disney World.

Here are the direct links for purchase on the Disney Store:


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    • Do we think these will ONLY have special lights and nothing else? I was hoping for something like the Awaken magic band with the cute songs.

    • They are now sold out on the Disney Store website. They are selling them at certain locations in the parks but only if you have your DVC member card.

  1. They are back on the Shop Disney Parks app. I got mine the 1st week they went on sale, but was frustrated that they didn’t have a limit of 2. The day they went on sale, I had a sleepless night, so at 2:00 am I went to order one. I put one in the cart, went back to get another item and by the time I got back to purchase they were sold out. I did get one a few days later, but as a DVC member I was frustrated at first.
    I love this website, by the way. I’ve started to collect MagicBands and this site has been invaluable.

  2. Has anyone else heard any sounds with their DVC band? I heard something that sounded like soft bells each time it changed color but I wasn’t sure if that was from the touch point or from the music they were playing in the vicinity.

    I had never heard any sounds before yesterday.

      • Per your suggestion, I tried using it at the back entrance of Epcot. I think I heard very soft bells each time the color changed again. I took a video but the sounds are still too low to tell. I’ll keep using it this week to see if the same thing keeps happening.

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