Epcot 35th Anniversary Limited Edition MagicBand coming October 1st, 2017

The Disney Parks Blog gave us a preview today of the upcoming Epcot 35th Anniversary merchandise, and a Limited Edition 3500 MagicBand is one of the items on the way. Coming October 1st, 2017, this MagicBand comes in a box and is very retro. It will cost $32.99 and may make special sounds at Epcot touch points. I’m unsure if this band will be available on the Shop Disney Parks mobile app or not, but it could be, so keep an eye out for it. Here’s a preview of what it looks like:

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  1. How do these work… if youre heading to a resort and have a standard Magic Band on arrival??

    I love the look of this!!

    • You can instantly link any new band to your account by typing its ID code into your My Disney Experience app. You can have as many as 15 active bands linked to your admission media, so there is no need to deactivate your regular band, although that option is available to you.

  2. What would be an Epcot sound, though? A clip from one of the many abandoned but much loved songs from the ’80s? Tomorrow’s Child? Disney has been pretty good at rubbing salt into wounds while making a buck. I’m waiting for an Adventurers Club band with the Colonel. Kungaloosh! ??

    • I think the trumpet fanfare from the Epcot Center theme more than likely. I really hope these are on the shop disney app!

      • I don’t know that I recall an Epcot Center Theme/Fanfare. I’ve got the official LP from ’82 and the CD from ’88. I suppose they could use a short snippet from the Main Entrance Medley (no trumpets). Not that I need another half dozen bands, but I’m surprised they’re not doing this MK 45th style with a band for each of the original attractions. Tomorrow’s Child, Listen to the Land, It’s Fun to Be Free, Energy (You Make the World Go Round), Golden Dream, One Little Spark (although that one didn’t come along until March of ’83), etc. Heck, we know Disney… they’re coming! LOL!

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