Disney ships their 10 millionth MagicBand

Disney Parks Blog today announced that it has shipped 10 million MagicBands! That’s a pretty incredible feat since launching in 2013. Here’s a quote from the article:

If you enjoy MagicBands and all they can do as much as my family does at Walt Disney World Resort then you’re probably not surprised that we’re already celebrating a significant milestone – 10 million MagicBands distributed.

Recently, MagicBand was named one of Fortune Magazine’s “26 Coolest Gadgets of 2014.” MyMagic+ was also honored with an “Innovation by Design” award by the popular magazine and website, Fast Company. It received the top spot in the “Experience Design” category when Fast Company revealed the 10 best designs of the year at their annual “Innovation by Design” Awards and Conference in New York City.


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  1. Hi!

    I just was wondering, I’m gonna be at Pop Century 3 days in may but before that I’m gonna be on Disney parks ( I have 7 days tickets, but just 3 days at Disney hotel cuz its the first time in a Disney hotel and just want to see how is stay onsite ) so I’m gonna buy a special Edition MB as soon as I get to Disney and link it to My Disney Experience, so I know when I check in to the hotel they give me the Box with the MB (I’m from Spain) to open the room and use for pay and everything but I was wondering if I can use the MB I’m gonna buy before the check in as a key for the room or for that only I can use the one they give me at the check in? I mine I can use whatever MB link to my account or just the one they give to me…sorry to ask but since you are a expert on MB, thanks and sorry if I bother you!

    • As long as they are both linked to your My Disney Experience account, they will both work for your room key, you credit card, and everything. You can attach as many MagicBands to your account as you wish, and they will all act the same. Have fun!

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