Disney Cruise Line kids club bands updated for MagicBand 2

The MagicBand given to kids to get in and out of the kid’s clubs (called the Oceaneer Club or Lab) on Disney Cruise Line ships has been updated. The bands are now red and are in the new MagicBand 2 format. This new style will allow the icon (or puck) in the center of the band to be removed and the strap can be kept and used on Walt Disney World vacations with a new puck. Keeping the band after a cruise is over requires forfeiter of a $10 deposit by the parents of the child. Guests cannot purchase these bands otherwise. There is also a new Captain Mickey design on the band for 2017.

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  1. I can’t imagine seeing these poor club counselors sitting there with tiny screw drivers pulling out the pucks at the end of the cruise.

    • They won’t be doing that. Why would they need to? If a family wants to keep they bands, they just keep the whole thing and the family will replace the puck themselves. Otherwise the bands are just reused or tossed in the garbage on board.

    • No, I just got off the Disney Dream and asked that same question. Believe it or not the answer I was given at the Guest services Desk or Purser’s Desk was that they are two separate companies and still do not communicate with each other. Also was told but do not believe
      This on because it’s rfid and why not but the band only works on the ship you got it. So if I got mine on the Dream it would not work on the Magic! Lastly the cost is $12.95 refundable if your kids return them Good luck!

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