Disney announces paid upgrades to graphic MagicBands before a resort stay and for AP holders

On Monday, May 6th, Disney Parks Blog announced a great new upgrade program for people who have upcoming resort stays or Annual Passholder renewals. Since nearly the beginning of MagicBands, these select groups of people were given options of selecting a free solid colored band on their My Disney Experience account to go along with their upcoming vacations. But one major complaint has always been that there is no way to pay a small fee to “upgrade” the band to include graphics. Many guests would have to come to Disney and then shell out extra money for the nicer bands, and a lot just weren’t willing to do that considering they got a free one already.

Now, coming soon (UPDATE: It’s now live!), Disney will charge $14.99 less to “upgrade” a MagicBand, and there will be over 30 options to choose from, some potentially even being Limited Edition bands. For example, a band that regularly costs $34.99 could just cost $19.99 instead for these guests. Many of the graphic bands will also have the option to have a name printed on the back of them, which is a first for graphic MagicBands.

This is an exciting change that many guests have requested for years. I’m glad to see Disney is still investing in MagicBands, and I’m curious if there will be any special graphic bands available just for Annual Passholders or specific resorts. We’ll find out soon.

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  1. Well as of may 25th 21:39 EST… we’re back to the same basic magicbands….

    Any idea when some variant will come back?

  2. Do you know how often they change out the choices of graphic magic bands? I saw one that I liked last week but they changed their choices today..

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