Delayed Mother’s Day and Earth Day Limited Edition 1000 MagicBands now available

Mother’s Day and Earth Day Limited Edition 1000 MagicBands, which were both delayed in release due to COVID-19, are now out upon the reopening of the theme parks. They are $34.99 each. The Earth Day SKU is 400918813349 and the Mother’s Day SKU is 400918813363. This is the first time Disney has ever done Mother’s Day and Earth Day bands. From what I understand, these are at the Animal Kingdom.

These MagicBands are not available directly from Disney online, but you can buy them from eBay online by clicking this link which will take you right to the product listings.

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  1. Went to Animal Kingdom today and I can confirm that they have quite a few of both of these at Discovery Trading Company!

    • Thanks for the tip. Do you happen to know if they’re only being sold at AK? I was hoping they were also at Magic Kingdom.

      • Hey Ellie! I’m honestly not sure sorry. I was there on Thursday for Passholder preview. We were only allowed to go to either AK or MK. If I would have seen your comment earlier I would have grabbed an Earth Day for you. To my knowledge it was only open to Cast members and Passholders this week, so the amount of people going in and out of the shops were very limited. I hope that you will be able to get your hands on one! Goodluck!

        • Hey Rich! Thanks for the reply! I did the MK preview yesterday which is why I was hoping they also had them there. I walked through the emporium and briefly looked but didn’t see any. I didn’t end up going in any other shops so I really don’t know if they had them anywhere there or not, lol. I know there’s always a chance they’ll show up on shopDisney which would be awesome!

      • Hey Collin! We don’t plan on going back any time soon. The only reason why we went was because we knew that there would be a very small amount of people in the park that day.

  2. I am a huge collector of these limited bands. Just don’t understand how people are getting their hands on these and placing them on eBay at gouging prices. I’m sure I won’t get one as I cannot even get into the park. Besides, I thought the park wasn’t even opening until tomorrow (July 11). I guess it was the soft opening? Anyhow… we are all hurting for income over COVID… think before you buy a bunch of these and then over charge for them on eBay. Much appreciated by many I am sure. Thanks!

    • Disney is doing the pass holder previews today (10th) and yesterday. So any currently up for resell would be strictly from those people. I agree with you that the resell stinks. I’d also like to get the Earth Day one but don’t see how. The reservation system is going to make it that much harder to get these limited edition bands. 🙁

    • They were having previews for Cast members on the 7th,8th and Passholder previews on the 9th,10th. We were lucky enough to snag a reservation on Thursday to see AK. I agree with you. I think they should limit it to 1 LE per ticket. Or at least enforce the 2 per purchase. Previously I’ve seen people walk out with 4-5+ of the same LE band in one purchase.

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