Captain Marvel Limited Edition 2000 MagicBand releasing March 8th

A new Limited Edition MagicBand is coming on Friday, March 8th, 2019 to celebrate the release of the movie Captain Marvel. The band features Brie Larson as Captain Marvel on the band. The price is $34.99 and the barcode SKU is 400021212992. This band should make special effects at certain entry touch points, and when I get a video of the effects I’ll post them here.

If you want to order this band, you can do so by clicking this link which will take you right to the product.

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  1. Do we know what locations they will be sold at? Like will we have to go to the coop, or will this only be at Hollywood studios, etc.? Thank you!

  2. They are also available in animal kingdom so I’m assuming they sold at any resort. Don’t yet know the special effect or at which locations it does them.

  3. Grabbed the last 3 they had at the space mountain gift shop Saturday night around 10pm the app had already said sold out so I was shocked to find them

  4. The Captain Marvel magic band is available online from shopdisney, but you don’t find it if you search on the term “magic band”. If you search using “Captain Marvel” you can find it. Good luck!

  5. Can anyone confirm if the sounds/lights are on this band and if so what they are. Have hit up a few people on social media reporting that they have one. No one can confirm or say that nothing happened at touch points

  6. I saw at least 5 in AK Dinosaur gift shop today (3/13). I bought myself one when they released it last Friday and have yet to see any special effects at both Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom ?

  7. This is another Main Gate only band. I Got the effects at Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom a few days ago. Both times I wasn’t ready with the cam though. πŸ™

  8. I used the Captain Marvel magic band to enter the parks this weekend and last weekend and I didn’t get any special effects at the park entrances πŸ™

  9. Does anyone know what sounds it makes yet? It’s been a couple months and mine still isn’t doing anything….least not at Studios

  10. It took some doing, but I managed to get one ahead of my upcoming trip to the parks. Absolutely beautiful MagicBand. I plan to grab one of the White open edition Captain Marvel MagicBands by the end of the year to complete the set. This wax my first limited edition band.

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