Blue Disney Cruise Line MagicBand now includes year; plus new details about MagicBands on DCL!

Thanks to loyal reader Matthew, I have some interesting news regarding the blue Disney Cruise Line MagicBands that were recently released. There are new versions of the MagicBands now out (what I’m calling Version B) that include the year 2015 on them. Previous blue DCL bands (Version A) did not include the year. This is a surprising change and I’m curious why they’ve made two versions of this band. Here’s some pictures:

 dcl_2015_b_front dcl_2015_b_back

Here’s what the original 2015 version looked liked:

dcl_2015 dcl_2015_2

He’s also provided me some additional information about MagicBands coming  to Disney Cruise Lines for ALL guests. Here’s a direct quote:

Also I’ve learned from Cast Member that they have shot a promo video for using your MagicBand at sea. They are envisioning a system where you can check in for your cruise and hotel stay together and vice versa. The only thing holding them back is the lack of info on band. Most port authorities want to see a sail date [on the MagicBand]. There are two proposed solutions to this problem: have a boarding card that is like your Key to the World card or print it on the MagicBand side without holes.

Thanks for the details Matthew! This is very interesting info and we look forward to hearing more.

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