Avengers: Endgame Limited Edition MagicBand due out on Friday

A new Avengers: Endgame Limited Edition MagicBand is due out this Friday. It’s Limited Edition 2000 for $34.99 and the barcode SKU of 400021269774.

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This MagicBand is not available online from Disney (it has sold out), but you can buy it from eBay online by clicking this link which will take you right to the product listings (if any are available).

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  1. I’ve been checking back all day for when you had this info. Thank you so much! I’ll be there tomorrow morning to grab mine, before I head to the movie. ❤️

  2. Ugh. I was expecting a lot more ?. Looks kinda thrown together. I’m still probably going to get it because it’s my birthday but I’m disappointed.

      • Oh I’m sooooooooooo upset I wasn’t into collecting bands when Infinity War came out. It’s an awesome band. This? I guess reality is often disappointing.

      • I think they chose these characters as there are four other Avengers: Endgame MagicBands. When you have all five bands, the major characters are all represented: Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, Captain America, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Captain Marvel, Ant-Man, Thanos and Rocket.

        • Perfect, I usually wear 5 bands at a time anyway ?
          If that is their logic, I still don’t like it. Put the core on the LE and the others on the OEs. Or better, make a nice design with the stones and dust or something for the LE. Slapping characters on a LE band is lazy.

  3. A little disappointed by this Magicband. Not many Avengers, not even all the Original, and it doesn’t even have the movie title on it. Hoping they do what they did with Beauty and the Beast and this is just one of a couple bands that will be released for the movie.

  4. I’ll be in DW Sunday. What are my best odds of getting one before the are sold out? Going to Hollywood Studios or Disney Springs?

    • Possibly might run across one, not sure. Would you be willing to grab an extra and ship me one? I’d pay you a little extra for your troubles. I’m not going down for 2 more weeks and I missed out on them yesterday online.

    • I’ve been using it and nothing. It doesn’t do anything. I’m wondering if something needs to be fixed. I find it weird it doesn’t do anything

  5. Does anyone know if these magic bands have any special effects? I purchased 2 and used them several times but didn’t notice any. Thanks!

  6. Bought this for my son, it has no effects. We entered MK twice and AK and nothing….. really disappointed for being avengers and limited edition.

  7. Just used this band to enter Epcot today, 2-7-21, and the special effects are back! It lit up purple and had an effect but I wasn’t expecting it so I wasn’t able to make it out unfortunately. :/

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