A new Tower of Terror MagicBand featuring Mickey Mouse is now available

Check out this new The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror MagicBand featuring Mickey Mouse on a purple base color with glow-in-the-dark features. It’s an Open Edition and available today in the parks. This band is priced at $22.99, even though the sticker on the back below says $29.99. Disney has since corrected this price mistake. As of right now, this band is sold in-store only and is not available for purchase online (UPDATE: It’s now online). The barcode SKU is 400020631619.

There are appears to be two versions of this item for the same price. One glows in the dark and one does not. It’s odd that Disney would release two versions like this and it makes me think there is some mistake, but who knows. You can see the difference in the packaging below. The band in the non-glowing packaging was tested and it indeed does not glow.

The going theory is that because all of the glowing bands have a flaw around Mickey’s left eye (see pictures below) that Disney has decided to sell the remaining stock of those bands off at the cheaper $22.99 price (instead of the original $29.99) and just started making the bands standard Open Edition without any glowing effects going forward to prevent the printing error at $22.99 as well.

If you want to order this band, you can do so by clicking this link which will take you right to the product.





None-glowing version with fixed eye:


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  1. Ethan,

    I found the Glow-in-the-Dark version of this Tower of Terror MagicBand featuring Mickey Mouse available this morning on ShopDisney.com for $29.99. First time I have found it there. The (I assume) non-glowing open edition has been showing on the Shop Disney Parks app for around two weeks saying In-Store-Only and Out-of-Stock for $22.99. What do you think are they selling corrected Glow-in-the-Dark versions again on ShopDisney.com at the original $29.99 price?

  2. I had purchased a few of them and they are infact missing the eye outer line. I purchased it for $22.99 but both glow and none sticker packages were placed on the same peg. I sold one before knowing all of this but now I’m going to hold on to the others and see what happens. Thanks for updating info all the time

  3. Any updates on this? I went to Disney Springs on the 10th to purchase this band (the glow version or both) and the only one I saw was the “regular” one – I didn’t really think about it until I got home and looked it over – it doesn’t glow nor have the sticker on the packaging… Don’t see where I can purchase the one that glows either… Darn it, I don’t live that close but will have a friend going down tomorrow if anyone knows if the glow ones are on site somewhere? I don’t see the glow ones on either app and I’ve been checking a lot…

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