2018 Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party Limited Edition MagicBand revealed

On November 8th, 2018, the first Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party of the season is coming to the Magic Kingdom. Since 2014, special Limited Edition MagicBands have been made available only to guests who attend the paid ticket event, and this year is no different. The new band is shown below and is a bit more of a classic style this year. The barcode SKU is 400020989390 and the price is $34.99. The Limited Edition size is 3000, and only says so on the back of the band, not on the box anywhere. It should make special effects and sounds at touch points as well. The box does have a smell of peppermint as well

This MagicBand is not available online from Disney (it’s only in the theme parks), but you can buy it from eBay online by clicking this link which will take you right to the product listings.



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    • Pretty sure that happened with the Halloween party band, took a few days before effects worked. I find that annoying given the premium cost of LE bands, but I just love effects.

  1. Any videos on the sounds and effects this band makes? Been waiting to see if I should purchase this or keep my 2014 Christmas magic band

  2. I find the delay very aggravating, given that we purchased ours on 11/16 and they still aren’t triggering a special effect. Our trip ends in two more days and my son is bummed that nothing cool has happened when scanning it.

    • I hope you got to see it, I didn’t see it that it was working until the 24th but it could have been before then. I agree 100% it is aggravating when you spend a premium on a band but I in typical fashion it is described as “surprise and delight” and there is no guarantee that it always work. Hopefully you still had a great trip!

    • Yes! And this seems to be happening more and more. All Food and Wine effects are the same. Except for the AP pandora band, all of those use the same sound but different colors (except even 2 of those are the same). Between this and the changing touch points where the mickey no longer lights up it seems that interest in this is fading. This disappoints me because it is a very unique WDW thing. Oh well.

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