You MagicBand can now act as a watch with these new MagicSliders

A new clock MagicSlider has appeared for sale in the Magic Kingdom at Big Top Souvenirs, The Dark Room at Hollywood Studios, and other locations throughout Walt Disney World. This will slide onto your MagicBand and add the functionality of a watch, which has been a highly requested feature guests have been asking for. The price is $17.95.

This clock cannot go over the Mickey head on the MagicBand and must be on the side of your band, so it may make it feel a bit bulky. It’s a bit big for my liking and I don’t like the color and design, but it’s better than nothing. Most people carry a mobile phone, so this is for people who don’t want to lug that around, and it’s especially helpful for kids and teens who need to meet back up with parents who don’t own phones (e.g. “meet me back here at 3:30”).

Update: Disney has announced the new slider, along with an analog Minnie Mouse one as well. The clocks are water resistant, but not waterproof.






Special thanks to Matthew and Brandi, a reader of this site, who sent me the information and pictures about this item.

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  1. Good idea, not a fan of the execution. I’ve always felt like they should team up with FitBit and make a higher end Magic Band with FitBit features like fitness tracking and a clock, or reminders of Fast Passes coming up, etc.

    • Just quick to point out that while that is a good idea, you are probably looking at over $100 for the combined functionality. Aside from the most basic FitBits/Garmins(etc.), most have a watch function built in and the smaller models could easily go right beside a MagicBand. I have a Garmin VivoSmart fitness band, and now I need to check and see if it is waterproof.

  2. Just received my adorable Minnie Mouse watch slider. Cannot figure how to get it to start. Is there a hidden battery compartment?

  3. Think they need to make a watch face that fits in the hole that is left when the centre is removed, so that when we have finished with the band as a magicband and we return to work, we can use it as a watch and gives you an extended reminder of your holiday…especially for those of us who bought a personalised one while out there

  4. Hi Ethan, I’m Nicolas from Chile. Could you tell me if the magicband 1.0 is still for sale in 2021? I’m looking for one in particular but I don’t think they have it (tron version 1). I would love to at least get a gray one from the first version, since I have the 2.0 that my brothers-in-law brought me in 2018. thanks for your time. congratulations on your page and dedication. best regards.

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