Two new Limited Edition MagicBands released today: Marry Poppins Returns and Spider-Man

Two new Limited Edition MagicBands have been released today. The first one is a Mary Poppins Returns MagicBands with a limited edition size of 1500. The barcode SKU is 400021058392 and the cost is $34.99.

If you want to order this band, you can do so by clicking this link which will take you right to the product.



The second band is the Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse with a limited edition size of 1000. The barcode SKU is 400021086647 and the cost is $34.99. The Spider-Man band has a really neat web icon on it instead of Mickey Mouse head.

This MagicBand is not yet available online from Disney (it’s only in the theme parks), but you can buy it from eBay online by clicking this link which will take you right to the product listings.



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    • Only place I was able to find Spider-Man today was in Frontierland. Went to all four parks. Poppins was available in just about every park but Spider-Man is almost gone

    • I bought the last one that the gift shop at the end of the dinosaur ride had. The cast member said each store that was going to carry them were given 50 and when they were gone that was it. She said the only other place in AK that had them was Chester and Hester but did not know if they still had any.

    • Hey yes it does! I’m not sure what actually the jingle played is, but it glows a gold circle (at least at the entrance to animal kingdom)! I’ll update if it does again.

    • Thanks! I just got one from that location. Not sure how many they had left. If u guys want one, without paying those eBay prices, you better get over there TODAY!!!

  1. Anyone know if the Spider-Man is still available? I’m going on the 5th and was debating to wait and try in the park or just Ebay it now. Thanks

  2. I just bought the last 2 on all if the property. All of these comments helped so much on my quest, thank you. After 3 days of searching found it at Goofys Sports Gifts at All Star Sports. The cast memebers were bery helpful in helping me track it down.

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