Two new Limited Edition MagicBands coming for Hollywood Studios 30th Anniversary

Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme park is turning 30 years old on May 1st, and Disney is releasing two Limited Edition MagicBands on that day within the park. The first band is available to all guests and is limited to 2000 and has the barcode SKU 400036051425. The second band is for Annual Passholders only and is limited to just 1000 with a barcode SKU of 400036051432. Both will cost $34.99. When I have more details on the SKU, better pictures, videos of the special effects they make, and more, I’ll update this post. These will most likely only be available at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and not online.

These MagicBands are not available online from Disney, but you can buy them from eBay online by clicking this link which will take you right to the product listings (if any are available).

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  1. I’ve seen the passholder one. It looks less interesting compared to the other one in my opinion.

    I think they should have .Ade the “normal” one the AP and the AP should have been the normal one.

    • I mostly agree but something about the Pass-holder one looks more like old school Disney to me. And the normal one looks like 2019 Disney. But again I do think the Pass-holder is kind of bland.

  2. Been waiting a long time for this one. I have anniversary bands from all the other parks and have been waiting over a year for this. I personally like the AP band better, but they’re both awesome.

    • I agree. I like the AP band better than the regular one. I feel the design and graphics are better. I do hope this one makes special effects.

  3. I hope they are released today. I am planning on going after work but won’t be there till after 5:30.

  4. So it is crazy at the park right now. People were probably escorted through the park at 9 am to Stage 1 near The Muppets. The actual queue to get into the store wraps around and gets cut off at a lot of different points.

    • The Annual Passholder band is officially sold out. I have been waiting in line for about an hour and I still have about 45 minutes to an hour left.

    • The queue officially started at 7:30 with an organized CM escort from park entrance. Most in that escort arrived before 7:00. Arriving at 7:10 got you a spot 50 people deep. Bands were supposed to be limited to two of each style per person. The eBay scammers had their entourages out in full force to meet pre sale demands for orders already taken. A few were taken down, but way too many purchased bands unscathed.

  5. I drove from Sarasota. I waited in line for over 2 hours. Right before I got to the front door a announcement was made that the Passholder bands were all sold out. When I got inside I asked a cast member if maybe one had fallen out of a box… jokingly. Since they were sold out I grabbed one of the non Passholder bands and purchased it. As I was leaving I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was the cast member I had asked about the band. She had a Passholder magic band box in her hand and told me someone had just returned one. I was probably the last person to get one.

  6. I left at 4:30 and they still had a ton of the regular magic bands left! But it sucks cause the Passholder band doesn’t make any special effects! I do know the regular one does!

  7. I purchased the passholder band today. Did anybody have any joy with any special effects showing at DHS on FPs or park entry?

    My band also wouldn’t link, I had to take it to the ticket desks later to get them to do it.
    Of all my limited edition bands, this is the only one which now just shows as a plain grey band on m Disney experience…sounds like something didn’t link correctly for me.

    • Same! On My Disney Experience it shows up as a gray band too. I’m going to the parks today so I’ll see what effects (if any) it does.

      • Checked out a friends and theirs is the same. Also I tried it when I returned to HS last night and it didn’t have any special effects either.

        Considering every other limited edition I’ve purchased has done something (the Epcot 35th is still a favourite) this is annoying really.

  8. Effects still not working for these. I used this and an older Star Wars band today. The Star Wars one works. The 30th one still just comes up green

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