Two new Disney Vacation Club MagicBands are now out

Two new DVC MagicBands are now available at The Polynesian Resort. One is a Limited Release and one is a Dooney & Bourke Limited Edition 5000. These have been available since Saturday and are supposed to be exclusive to DVC members only.

The Limited Release is $27.99 and the SKU is 400020884688. It appears to be on a new turquoise color.

If you want to order this band, you can do so by clicking this link which will take you right to the product.



The Limited Edition Dooney & Bourke is $48, has a SKU of 400020884671, and is on a white base color in special suitcase packaging.

If you want to order this band, you can do so by clicking this link which will take you right to the product.


The special effects the band makes at the touch points appear to be that of a door bell. Thanks to MagicBand Effects for the video:


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  1. These are amazing!! Thank you for sharing, but how can those of us who don’t live five minutes away get ahold of them??

      • How long have they been doing the purple ring/welcome home message for DVC members? We have been three times since joining in Jan ’17, and have never received anything besides the standard green ring at the entry points.

    • If your a DVC member your band already does. About half the time when I enter the park I get a purple ring vs a green one. This lets the gate attendants know you’re a DVC member and you’ll get the occasional “welcome home”.

  2. So how can a DVC member purchase these? I can’t get to the Poly until next year (if my husband’s health is ok). ☹️

  3. We are at the Polynesian now on I’ll August 7 and they are not available yet not until August 13 according to the front desk

  4. Im headed down in 24 days(Labor Day). You think there will be any left in stock by then? My wife is pregnant and cannot use any of our FastPasses. I thought this would be an awesome gift to cheer her up. How do I get one?

  5. Im headed down in 23 days. From your experience, do you think they will still be in stock by then? How hard is it to get one or even two of the Dooney & Bourke. Any tips for new DVC members and DVC Magic Band collectors? I would love to get both of these for me and my wife.

  6. Picked up one at my hotel this AM. Went into AK with camera at the ready, but alas – as per more often than not, the effects were not on. Still at the parks till Saturday, so if I can snag a video I’ll share.

    • Update on effects – we went to HS yesterday and I was wearing an open Star Wars band and got the purple DVC ring, so I turned on the camera for my wife scanning the LE D&B band…. and no effect.

    • I’ve been watching online and the DB one sold out! I’m not at the parks until Nov and fear I’ll be out of luck…any other way to buy one?

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