UPDATED: Five holiday themed MagicBand On Demand bands appear

At MagicBand On Demand stations in Walt Disney World, a few new holiday themed designs have appeared as of November 2nd, 2016. I found these in Disney Springs at the Co-Op Marketplace. One is Christmas Star Wars and the other is similar to a dreidel design. The others are from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

If anyone sees more designs added, please send me an e-mail so I can add them to the site.






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      • You didn’t.
        In fact, you said “holiday themed,” BUT the line that said “One is Christmas Star Wars and the other is similar to a dreidel design” made me snicker so I shared.

        It can be interpreted how you meant:

        –Both are holiday designs – one being a ‘Hanukkah’ dreidel design and the other a ‘Christmas’ Star Wars pattern.

        OR since Christmas was listed first in the sentence, it could be interpreted as 2 Christmas designs (2 Christmas would still both be Holiday themed).

        One is Christmas:
        1) Star Wars
        the other is (similar to) a
        2) Dreidel design

        Christmas Star Wars
        Christmas dreidel design
        (like I knew you did NOT mean, but made me snicker)


        One is:
        1) Christmas Star Wars
        the other is (similar to)
        2) a dreidel design

        Christmas Star Wars
        a dreidel design
        (like I knew you meant, but confusion could have been avoid using the word ‘Hanukkah,’ which was why I offered it)

        Like this:
        One is Christmas Star Wars and the other is similar to a (Hanukkah) dreidel design.

        That was all. ­čÖé

          • Brian,
            I know, right?
            I am glad you understood my LONG reply. (That was really hard to try to break down into words.)
            So many words just to explain what was supposed to be a simple joke.
            Summary: Christmas dreidel (said or unintentially implied by wording) = Snicker

            Punchline: Wow! There really is a Christmas dreidel.
            Who knew making a quick joke initially would end up being so verbose.
            (Image how my fingers feel after having to type all of that reply.)

  1. Well I take that back.
    Apparently there is a Christmas dreidel. ?



    The world is not as simple as it used to be. Strict separations between cultures used to be the norm, but these days it pays to take what you want from all traditions and make your own. With that in mind, why choose between Hanukkah and Christmas when you can celebrate Chrismukkah? Nothing says Chrismukkah like this wooden Santa Dreidel. Imagine the fun you’ll have playing the dreidel game by the light of the menorah while waiting for Santa and his reindeer to arrive! Each side features a different Christmas symbol (Santa, a Christmas tree, a candy cane, and a snowman). This classic top is sure to confound and confuse both Jews and Gentiles alike.”

    I stand corrected. ?

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