Star Wars: The Last Jedi is here with two new Limited Edition MagicBands

Two new Limited Edition MagicBands have launched today for the release of the new movie Star Wars: The Last Jedi. You’ll be able to find these throughout the Walt Disney World resort and online. There will only be 4000 of each Limited Edition band, and these should make special effects at touch points, at least in Hollywood Studios (but I only have a video for the Rey/Kylo band, not the First Order band). They are $32.99 each.

The first band is a light side / dark side band, featuring Rey and Kylo Ren. The barcode SKU for this item is 400020639042.


The second band is a First Order dark side band featuring one of the Praetorian Guard characters from the new movie. The barcode SKU for this item is 400020555397.



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        • Hi All,

          We received some new information regarding special lights and effects from a magicband IT person yesterday. Disney has been updating and fixing bugs in their system (MDE & Parks). Most fast pass touch points and fast pass signup kiosks should be working now. Entrances are for the most part still down. However, Disney is aware of the issues and until it has been completely fixed service of special effects could be intermittent. We also found out it could take up to about 3-4 days once you link a band to your MDE account for the effects to work at the park. Hope this info helps.

  1. Just used mine for a Tower of Terror fastpass. The icon lights up red and then blue and I believe you can hear lightsabers swinging.

  2. Hi all where can I purchase a star wars l limited edition first order magic band and other star wars limited edition magic bands?

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