Special MagicBands to be gifted to Cast Members at Service ‘Celebrate You’ event

Every year Disney holds a special service celebration event for Cast Members (a.k.a. employees) who pass certain milestones in their career at the Disney company. Cast invited to this must have specific special anniversaries within the year, such as a 10 year anniversary working for the company. Often the invited Cast will receive special gifts, food and drink, extra play time in the parks for them only, and so on. This year the special event for these CM’s is called “Celebrate You” and it’s being held the night of November 17th, 2016.


I’ve been informed by trusted sources that one of the gifts for the event is going to be a special graphic MagicBand, and I have been given some pictures of it as well. What is interesting is that the same design for the event is on multiple different colors of bands, as you can see below. I’ve been told that the reason for this was that you get a different color band depending on what anniversary you are celebrating. The blue band is for 10-15 year anniversaries, the gray is for 20-35 years, and the yellow (gold) MagicBand is for 40 years and higher.

These are the only colors of bands for the event. I don’t know at this time if the band it marked as Limited Edition, Limited Release, or has the Cast Member’s name on it, and I also don’t know if this band will make an special effects at touch points.

yellow  blue  gray

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