Special MagicBand coming for the final shows of Epcot’s Illuminations: Reflections of Earth

A new special MagicBand is being released to commemorate the final shows of Epcot’s Illuminations: Reflections of Earth, which officially ends September 30th, 2019. Disney today announced, via its Summer 2019 Annual Passholder Mickey Monitor magazine, that the MagicBand along with other special themed merchandise will be available starting June 17th. This band is Limited Edition for $34.99, but I do not yet have the barcode, and other details. For now, check out this picture and information that was in the magazine:

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  1. This was such an amazing show! I grew up with this and had so many memories. It will always be my favorite. I can’t wait to see what the band looks like!

  2. Ethan,

    by any chance have you heard more on this band, such as if it will be available on line via Shop Disney as well as have sound?

    thank you!

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