Special lights at the Magic Kingdom with the 2015 Happy Holidays MagicBand

As I previously posted, DisneyStore.com has recently listed a new 2015 Happy Holidays MagicBand for sale. It’s Limited Edition to 2500 and many people have been wondering if it makes special lights and sounds anywhere within Walt Disney World. Thanks to Juan M on Twitter, we’re getting a glimpse of what the band does.

He was able to get his MagicBand and try it before most anyone else (including myself), and he took a video of what the lights look like at the entry touchpoint to the Magic Kingdom. As you can see from the video below, no sounds play. UPDATE: Sounds do play at entry points. “Ho ho ho” can now be heard at all four parks. Video coming soon. He then proceeded to try the band at various FastPass+ touch points with the Magic Kingdom, but none showed lights or played sounds unfortunately.

If anyone can, please take a video and I’ll post it on the website.


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  1. I’ve found that either a lot of the MK ticket points speakers are turned way down or just broke. It also took the Santa Olaf a while to get fully integrated in multiple parks are

  2. Cool effects, hope to hear some sounds soon. Even better if in mulitple parks!

    Mine took forever to ship, and is sitting around somewhere in Tennessee :(. I’d be happy to park hop around once I receive it!

  3. I looked everywhere for where you talked about the thin bands being in the new packaging, but can not find it again. Therefore I am posting here, and if you wish to move my post that is cool (but please let me know where to find it). 😉

    Anyway, these new thin bands seem to have a longer middle section (or something going on) because they do not fit well in the “middle aged” (v1.2 – I suppose it is called) clear plastic display bubble.
    I suppose you have noticed that the band does not have as much inherent curve to it, so it tries to stay straight across the ‘bridge’ portion and tries to push the display plastic clam shell apart. That seems to lead to more abnormal paper card stock elevations around the display edges.
    Go ahead and try to get your thin bands to fit flush in display bubbles, you’ll see what I mean. It’s not bad, but is there.
    I wonder if they will end up changing the bubble shape slightly to accommodate the thin bands better, or if they don’t really care since it is not a huge issue.

    • Yes, I have seen the problem too. I also have the same issue when displaying them on my watch stand… they just don’t fit as well. Time will tell if Disney thinks it important enough to change the packaging or not.

  4. Probably a stupid question, but I haven’t been able to find an answer anywhere… Do the vanity taps for limited edition magicbands work all year round? Like would a Halloween Not So Scary still work in the Summer time? Or do they only do their vanity taps seasonally?

  5. I can confirm this band only lights up red and green and park entrances for Epcot, Magic Kingdom, and Animal Kingdom. It did not do anything special at Hollywood Studios or any Fastpass locations. I did make it to terminals where sounds were turned on, but only the standard chimes happened.

    Not sure if it is just to soon to release or that’s all Disney plans to do. I think it’s safe to say this is the first limited release without the “bells and whistles”

    • I think it’s safe to say you’re post is completely inaccurate. Banged two bands 10 times each (that’s 20 data points) at entry points. “Ho, ho, ho” heard during each test; including Studios. This Limited Edition band (not limited release as you state) was designed for lights and sound at the entry points of all four parks; no FP points, and it does exactly that.

      I know it’s safe to say this Limited Edition band comes with the “bells and “whistles”, although it doesn’t even come close to the MNSSHP 2014 LE band.

  6. Went to the boardwalk entrance to EPCOT today with this magicband, made the lights and also had a a deep voice saying “ho ho ho”. Did not check at fastpass points.

  7. I am leaving for WDW in a week and and am wondering if there are any further updates with this LE band. Does it still only have special sights and sounds at the park entrances or have the effects been expanded at all? I’d love to see a video with the sounds if one is available. Still hoping that the “bells & whistles” will be more extensive than what folks have experienced so far.

    • Only at the entrances still. Any the sounds are only at entrances where the sounds are turned on. I have yet to actually hear the “Ho ho ho” myself. And it doesn’t do anything at FP+.

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