Seven new MagicBands today, including a Haunted Mansion glow-in-the-dark

Seven new MagicBands were released today on the Shop Disney Parks app and website today. Three are Limited Release and the other four are Open Edition. One of the Limited Release bands is quite unique though, and that is the new Haunted Mansion band that glows in the dark! It’s the first Limited Release MagicBand with any special features like this, but unfortunately the price for it is $34.99, which is significantly higher than the normal $27.99 bands. Here’s a full is of the bands released today:

Haunted Mansion
Limited Release
Barcode SKU 400020507082:



Modern Minnie
Limited Release
Barcode SKU 400020493637:


Millenial Mickey
Limited Release
Barcode SKU 400020493620:


Mickey Comeback Kid
Open Edition
Barcode SKU 400020477095:


Jungle Book
Open Edition
Barcode SKU 400020493590:


Minnie Bows & Dots
Open Edition
Barcode SKU 400020493576:


Minnie Bow
Open Edition
Barcode SKU 400020477101:


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  1. Hi Ethan,

    thanks for always being so on top of all the new ones!
    Do you know if the green haunted mansion one that glows in the dark will have a unique light and sound effect?
    thanks so much!

  2. The link appears to be dead. Has this particular band been withdrawn from the market? I’ve not been able to find it anywhere in WDW?

  3. Hey there – is the haunted mansion glow band available in the parks? Here now and would really like to grab one if possible! Thanks!

  4. Love your site! Do you have a general rule of thumb on how often new bands come out? We are heading there in January and I don’t want to choose too soon on which band to go with only to have one I like better come out before we go!

    • Hi Lisa and Dan,

      New bands come out about monthly or so from the three various categories: limited edition, limited release, or open edition. Since Disney just dropped 7 new bands I’d hazard to guess they won’t be releasing anything new for at least a month or so, but who knows it’s anyones guess. With you going to Disney in January you are safe to wait till mid December I’d think to buy, unless it’s a limited edition band then be careful as it could sell out. On another note Disney has really stepped up and started releasing bands a lot more frequently and in greater numbers so we could also see another big drop next month. It’s hard to know for sure. Hope that helps!

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