New YesterEars MagicBand features Big Thunder Mountain Railroad has another YesterEars nostalgic Limited Release MagicBand for sale. This time the band features the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad attraction, which opened in 1980. It matches the t-shirt that is also for sale on the site. There are also a few other YesterEars t-shirts for sale, but with no MagicBands to match them. This MagicBand is only available for a week and costs $27.99, so get it now. The barcode SKU is 400020485991.


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  1. Sadly, has the band a “limited availability” and I cannot get the “limited release” sale discount for buying the band and the t-shirt.

  2. I’m going to be going back on the third, which is mid next week. Do you think this will still be available?

  3. Is there a new BTM magicband? i saw one on ebay but i wanted to make sure it was authentic before i thought about getting it. it was an Open Edition.

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