New Olaf Limited Edition Winter MagicBand coming to Hollywood Studios

Frozen Olaf in Winter MagicBand
Frozen Olaf in Winter MagicBand

A new Frozen limited edition MagicBand is going to be released at Hollywood Studios, the Magic Kingdom, and possible other places on November 4th in Walt Disney World!

This new band will most likely be Limited Edition 4000 (although the box shows no indication of that from the picture), similar to the Olaf “In Summer” band, and will come in a nice box. It will make new lights and sounds at FP+ touchpoints. Expect the price to be around $29.95.

Edit on 11/4/2014 – I have confirmed that there are Limited Edition 4000, not 5000 as I previously reported.


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  1. Does the Olaf summer band work all of the time at DHS, or is it only during the duration of the Frizen summer event?
    Will the winter band work all of the time? Can you post a video of the special effects when you get the winter Magic band?

      • Thanks! Love the site btw! You’ve turned us from “we’ll just get the standard colors” to “we gotta have special ones” magic band owners! We got a Halloween one yesterday and an Olaf summer band today. My kids think they’re awesome! We’re getting the Christmas band at the party in late November, and as we are a family of 4, I imagine we’ll be getting Olaf in winter as well! Thanks for the site! It’s great info!

  2. I am going to DW in December and would love to have this magic band. Is there any way I can purchase it (and link it to my account/tickets) before I show up at the park?

    • No, I am sorry, but there is no way to do that. Any MagicBands with graphics on them (like this Olaf one) must be linked at the time of purchase in person at the Walt Disney World parks. You’ll just have to buy it in person when you get here.

      Chances are there will still be a lot left for you in December, so don’t worry!

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