New Limited Edition MagicBands for Star Wars Day; Full details and pictures!

May 4th is considered Star Wars Day and has a special saying associated with it of “May the 4th be with you”. May 5th is also a special day as well, with an addition saying of “Revenge of the 5th”. In recognition of those days Disney has often released special merchandise to celebrate them, and today is no different. For the first time ever Disney has released two special Limited Edition MagicBands for these days, and they are limited to 750 each per style.

These bands retail for $32.99 and can only be found in The Dark Room and Mickey’s of Hollywood in Disney’s Hollywood Studios theme parks. I was told they were also in The Launch Bay, but when I went there I didn’t see any. You cannot buy these online or through the Shop Disney Parks mobile app. Because these are only limited to 750 each, they will go fast, as these are the lowest released MagicBands ever made for the walk-up public to buy. When I bought mine, I was told that they are 1 per person, not 2 per person like other LE bands have been.

Update: These do make special lights and sounds at touch points. See the article here for details.


MagicBand_180x328_SWMay4_B1_17804   MagicBand_180x328_SWMay5_B1_17704

IMG_1001 IMG_1002









IMG_1004 IMG_1005







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  1. I would think they’ll at least last a couple of weeks but maybe not? I saw the Flower and Garden band in Epcot this past weekend so that one is still around (along with the Easter one).

    • Star Wars bands have historically been much more popular and sell out quicker than other LE bands. Star Wars Weekends 2015 bands, which were 2500 each, sold out within the first two weekends (6 days for sale total, Fri-Sun).

      Also, because of the 750 size, these will go quickly. I don’t really expect these to last more than a week at most to be honest. They will probably sell any remaining this weekend.

  2. I accidentally stumbled upon them. I purchased the revenge of the 5th and my nephew purchased the May the fourth be with you. Not sure why we didn’t just buy two sets.

  3. I’ve been all over to see of they were getting them. No info until just now. Please I need help getting one. Not on Shop Parks or Disney Store. I went to Disney Store App earlier and it was a disaster. It kept crashing and I didn’t get what I wanted.

  4. So bummed I don’t land until Saturday night and I won’t go to the parks til Sunday. If anyone in the area wants to pick me up set I’ll give you cash Saturday night or Sunday.

    • Thanks for the update Michael. I have family there visiting DHS today. I lucked out as they are willing to drop in and pick a few up for me. Would they let you buy two of each or 1 each of both designs?

      Ethan — again I’m super thankful for your sight.


  5. I had a family member pick 1 of each for me today. Apparently he was told by CM that after today they wouldn’t have them in stock.

  6. Ehtan, I will be participating in the DCP and will arrive on the 6th of June, would you be able to get one for me if I transfer over some money?

    • I’m sorry Roman, I can’t do pick-ups. I get asked all of the time because of this website and I would be running back and forth daily just to help various people. Nothing personal, I just am not a personal shopper. 🙂

  7. I’d say they had about 20 or so of each left at Mickeys of Hollywood today around 5. I would give it a couple more days and they should be sold out. They were defiantly selling well when I was there.

      • Wow, that is a shock but it is good for the people that weren’t able to come on May 4th or 5th.

        Ethan, through your experience are the limited edition bands staying in stock longer this year than last or the other way around?

        • They seem to be selling slower this year. I think there have just been so many to choose from (everything from tons of new On Demand designs, Open Edition, Limited Release, and Limited Edition) and plus LE bands aren’t a “new” exciting thing anymore. Many of the effects that LE bands have been making lately have also been a bit lame to be honest, which makes them less exciting to buy. Also, the price has increased to $32.99 which is pretty high and may also be a factor.

          So far in 2016 for LE bands we’ve had Kylo Ren, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Flower & Garden, May the 4th Be With You, Revenge of the 5th, and DVC 25th in red, blue, pink, and purple! That’s quite a lot for it not even being halfway through the year (10 total)! Personally I love it, but it can be a pain for your wallet.

          • They are fun to collect but a pain for the wallet is accurate. More expensive than the pins… lol. I have been starting a Disney collection of some sort and I initially wanted to try and collect all of the bands, but because of the expense and the frequency of LEs I’ve decided to collect just the LEs… Maybe LR too.

  8. Yea, both of you hit the nail on the head. It really is putting a strain on our wallets. Especially for Star Wars Day when most of us bought both of them. I agree with your points Ethan about them not seeming new and exciting as well as the special effects. They appear to be more focused on pushing out new Open Edition and new On Demand designs which is great. But I still enjoy people’s reactions when they see the effects that our LE bands make lol.

    I didn’t realize how many LE bands Disney has released this year until you just mentioned it (only 4 months!!!). I can’t keep up with all these LE bands lol.

    Who knows what new ones will be released on top of the BB-8, Halloween and Christmas party bands that we know are coming out. I have my fingers crossed for a possible Animal Kingdom specific LE band as that is the only park that doesn’t have one. The Jungle Book would have been perfect.

    -FYI, when I left Hollywood Studios last night around 10:00 p.m. they still had around 40 LE bands left.

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