New Limited Edition 2500 Valentine’s Day MagicBand coming soon

A new Limited Edition of 2500 MagicBand is coming to Walt Disney World on January 8th to commentate Valentine’s Day, but users of the Shop Disney Parks mobile apps can buy the band starting today. This will be the first time that Disney has put out any band to celebrate Valentine’s Day. This band retails for $29.95 and should make special lights and sounds at FastPass+ touch points. I’ll have a video and clear pictures as soon as possible.


IMG_0105 IMG_0104

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  1. Got mine yesterday at a great price from the app (only $28 total, including shipping), and while not my favorite, I do like it quite a bit. Any word yet on what the special lights and sounds are and, of course, what park they work at? I’m assuming, of course, Magic Kingdom. I won’t be able to try it out for at least a week, but I am looking forward to it!

  2. Bought mine in the emporium this morning. Lit up pink and had some sound effect, maybe a kiss (couldn’t hear it) at entrance to Studios. No lights or sounds at fast pass at Star Tours or Great Movie Ride.

  3. It glows pink and the sound effect is a “smooch” from Minnie. It worked at Epcot IG entry, but there was no effect for FPs.

  4. Pink and white lights and Minnie kiss at entrances to Hollywood studios and Epcot, surprisingly nothing at Magic kingdom entrance. Nothing special at tower of terror FP touch point.

  5. I’ve got this band and it only lights up pink at park entrance. It doesn’t work for FP. It was misleading when buying it. I was very disappointed!!

  6. Hello! Do you know if this Magic Band is *officially* sold out? I wasn’t a collector…2 weeks ago…and I missed it. Now they’re going for $150, eugh. Thanks!

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