My Disney Experience website exclusive green Christmas Limited Release MagicBand appears

Another My Disney Experience website exclusive MagicBand has appeared, and it’s a new green Christmas Limited Release design called “Holiday Park Food”. The price is $20 (a discount from the $29.99 usually for Limited Release designs) and can only be purchased through the site as an upgrade. The SKU for this band is 400913663550.

This MagicBand is not available directly from Disney unless you get it from the My Disney Experience upgrade website, but you can buy it from eBay online by clicking this link which will take you right to the product listings.

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  1. Are these already gone? I never saw it and it isn’t up when I look now.
    I am looking for anything for festival of the arts this year as a MDX exclusive or even up on there. Is this another thing we need to be in everyday to check on new listings?

  2. We have 5 days left to choose ours Magic Bands through our resort reservations. I am not seeing any good ones to choose from. Tried the White Castle Band …. sold out Most are for young girls. Bummer. No Christmas being offered , but one Halloween ( which will be over when we arrive )

      • For my recent trip, it seemed there were different bands available several times each day when I looked. I agree that it’s a very frustrating experience! I was only trying to get bands for two people, and a band that one of us wanted (Genie) kept being listed but not actually available; and then when another band that one of us wanted was available, there wasn’t one that the other wanted at the same time, and it looks like you have to order both at the same time. Finally the Food & Wine Figment showed up, and we both wanted that one and were able to get them ordered. By that time, it was past the deadline to have them delivered to our house, but we were still able to personalize them and pick them up at the hotel with no problem. I hope they will find a way to improve this process soon!

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