More MagicBands revealed for 2015 Star Wars Weekends!

Two new MagicBands have been announced for regular guests attending Star Wars Weekends 2015, with the special event Galactic Gathering guests getting first dibs for purchase on May 14th, 2015.

Like last year, there will be two versions of MagicBands, both Limited Editions, and both with only a 2500 run produced. This year they will both be tailored to the Jedi side (no Empire) and feature the Disney characters of Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse.

Like other Limited Edition MagicBands, these will most likely come in a special box and makes lights/sounds at FP+ touchpoints.

Here are the details with pricing:

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 1.06.15 PM

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    • No, but event guests will get to buy them first. Then whatever is left will be sold at Star Wars Weekends on Day 1. There should be plenty left.

  1. Nice design graphics on these, I’m just glad this years bands didn’t involve Olaf with a light saber, that might have been the last straw for me…
    But limited to only one per guest? Were last years SWW bands distributed the same way?

    • LE bands are always limited to two per guest. This year it’s probably one per guest because they are only LE 2500. Many people get around this by going to different cashiers/stores to get more.

  2. Thanks for your great and timely posts Ethan! I haunt this site waiting for any new MB news. Just curious for your prediction. My girlfriend loves Donald, and we’ve been waiting for a Donald MB. I remember there was a rumor of one coming this year. Do you think this SWW MB is it? Or do you think there may be another “classic” Donald MB coming?

    • Honestly I am not sure. I thought about that when I saw this Donald one. There will probably be another Donald this year, and the reason I think that is because the person who asked Steven Miller on the Disney Parks Blog about it was a mother who may have not really been into Star Wars stuff, and Steven still replied with an “exciting year” comment.

      So my prediction is that there will be another Donald MagicBand sometimes later this year. It will most likely be a blue band and be Open Edition. Time will tell if I’m correct on this or not.

  3. Hey Ethan, are these to two going to be sold around Disney or only at the event that one has to register and pay for?

    • These will be sold to regular guests at Hollywood Studios during the free Star Wars Weekends events (see Disney sites for details). You will need to buy them in Darth’s Mall during the Fri-Sat-Sun weekends. They will probably sell out quickly.

  4. Just saw this post after I commented in the other thread about the event. Question for you if you know, when registering for the event, are you able to use Disney gift cards? I’m sitting on a $150 gift card, and that would go a long, long way to getting me to go.

  5. I just wanted to take the time to thank you for not only your hard work since you started the site, but the work over the last few days. It has been very valuable for me. Thanks to it, I’ll be at the Galactic Gathering. I admit, for anyone reading this, the way Disney handles the ordering and then the pre-order of the items could be better.

    This leads me to, I hope, my final question. I did, of course, click the links and pick my items. The two MagicBands, Mickey and Donald, came up, processed them with the $1.00 fee (that was not taken out), and they said it’ll actually process around April 30th. Then the other band from the gathering that I did NOT pick, I went to a different link to pick that, input my info, and it said “no” under received payment. I then tried again, and now I have TWO of the same band (only want one) and both say “no.” So, the $250 has been received, but now I have two maybe pending(?) charges. It’s VERY confusing, and I think I really screwed it all up.

    • Thanks for visiting the site Brandon! Glad to be able to help.

      The best way to get help with the ordering process is to e-mail the Disney Event Gust Services. There should be a link somewhere on the website (or within your order form or event ticket info) that should direct you to them. If there is any screwup, they can fix it.

      I too think that the ordering process is sloppy and could be better. It was like that last year with Rebel Rendezvous as well.

      • As recommended, I shot them an e-mail, and within three hours, I had a phone call. Sadly, it was an unknown number, so I ignored it. A VERY nice voicemail was left from Disney where the lady explained everything, even agreed the order process was ‘wonky’ and they have had multiple complaints, and she apologized more than once. She did explain everything, said she would send me an e-mail confirming the changes I wanted and to call her back or just respond to the e-mail. I responded to the e-mail (she got it all right), and within two minutes she wrote back saying it is all taken care of and if I have any further questions or comments, just e-mail her (or ‘them,’ I’m assuming) back.

        VERY easy to deal with, and for anyone reading this, the ordering process for the items is a tad bizarre, but if you have ANY issues, send them an e-mail in the link given or call them. They handled it perfectly.

  6. We are not arriving until the first week of June. Is there any way to purchase these online or have them reserved? I assume they will all be gone by the time we get there correct?

  7. Do you think these two bands will be sold out the first day of Star Wars Weekend or will they last a few more days?

    • My guess is that they will last the first two weekends. After that I am doubtful. Last year Darth Vader sold out pretty much the weekend it was released (weekend 5), and Yoda extras were in the parks at regular stores for just 1-2 week afterwards.

  8. Ok, forgive me if this is a dumb question. My friends and I are headed down in January. If I can get these bands via ebay, are they then linked to my account, and how do I accomplish that? I know WDW typically sends us our bands before the trip, but what if I already have some?

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