Millennial light pink MagicBand color now available at On Demand stations

The newer “Millennial pink” (which is really just light pink) color is now available at MagicBand On Demand kiosks for printing graphics on. Thanks to Twitter user All Around Orlando‏ @AllAroundORL for the heads up on this change. There are still many colors that you cannot buy as a solid color or get as a MagicBand On Demand color, including navy blue, brown, teal, white, cream, and light purple. Hopefully Disney will eventually add these options as well. As you can see from this image, orange is not appearing as an option, but that could be because they are out of stock of that color temporarily.

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  1. Ethan,

    just curious.
    this is the longest time period without a post over the years.
    Are you phasing out and pursuing other ventures instead?

    thank you!

    • Nope, news has just been really slow this summer. I am still here. New MagicBands are coming in less than two weeks though! Keep checking the site.

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