Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party to get it’s own Limited Edition MagicBand

Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party MagicBand
Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party MagicBand

A new Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party limited edition MagicBand is going to be released at the hard-ticketed event in Walt Disney World on November 7th, 2014. This is similar to how there was a special band at the Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party.

This new band is Limited Edition 5000 and will come in a nice box. It will make new lights and sounds at FP+ touchpoints only in the Magic Kingdom. Expect the price to be around $29.95.


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    • You will need to purchase the MagicBand one the day of your Christmas Party. That is when it’s sold and you have to buy it in person. Hopefully they won’t be sold out by the time you have your party date.

    • Apparently the rest of my comment disappeared. Can you post a video of the special effects? Also, will this band eork all the ring at MK, or only during certain times of the year (ie christmas)?

      • Thanks! Love the site btw! You’ve turned us from “we’ll just get the standard colors” to “we gotta have special ones” magic band owners! We got a Halloween one yesterday and an Olaf summer band today. My kids think they’re awesome!

  1. Will this band be sold in Downtown Disney? Also, if I was to purchase this band, could I link it to annual pass tickets? Or is this band strictly for the Very Merry Christmas Party only?

    • 1. No, you can only purchase this during the Christmas Party at Magic Kingdom. You must have purchased a ticket for this event to buy it.

      2. Yes, you can link the band to your normal Annual Pass when you buy it.

      3. No, once you buy the band, it works anywhere on Disney property as long as it’s linked to valid ticket media.

      • Okay. Thank you so much. Another question. I read that a Christmas Mickey and Minnie magic band will be sold in Downtown Disney. Do you know of any other limited edition or “non-regular” magic bands will be sold in Downtown Disney ?

        • The only ones I have seen in Downtown Disney currently are the open-edition Elsa, Anna, and Olaf bands (see the Frozen section of this website to see what they look like). I have heard that the Christmas Mickey/Minnie one will be Downtown, but I haven’t seen it with my own eyes yet. Other than that, there won’t be any others there for the time being.

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