Limited Edition Kylo Ren MagicBand now at Watto’s Grotto in Hollywood Studios

A new Limited Edition MagicBand of Kylo Ren has been released in Watto’s Grotto at Hollywood Studios. There are only 2015 of these, and I’m sure they make lights and sounds at FastPass+ and entry touch points in Hollywood Studios. With there only being 2015 of these made, they should be bought up pretty quickly.

Here’s a quick look at the band:

IMG_3740 IMG_3742






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  1. Couldn’t find it on your site but there is a Kylo Ren MagicBand on the Disney Parks App that is not the same as the one in this post.

    • That one is ‘Limited Release’. It was released in September, but they don’t define what the release is “limited” to….as in it a certain number or only for a certain number of months/years, or limited to as many as we can sell.
      This one is a ‘Limited Edition’ of ONLY 2,015 pieces. It’s also “interactive” when used at Hollywood Studios – lights/sounds at the entrance and fast pass posts.

      • I have heard the same thing. My parents and sister were out there tonight, and I asked them to stop by and grab me one. Evidently, and sadly typically sometimes, three cast members did not have a single clue as to what the band even was, but finally they found someone who did and stated the last one literally sold about 10 minutes prior to their arrival. My sister advised me she asked if it was ALL of them or just a certain amount per day, and the cast member told he that he did not know, but at the moment, that was all they had in stock and more MAY, as you noted, be available tomorrow.

        • Also, I just want to give you a little inside scoop on why the cast members didn’t know much about the magic bands- for the past 2 weeks, about 50% of the cast members in the back area of Hollywood Studios have been “deployed” which means they were moved to work at our area without a choice because we are shorthanded. They could be deployed from ANY area of any park or resort which means they have had no Star Wars merchandise training like the rest of us. Chances are your family spoke with a deployed cast member. As for the cast member who knew the info about the bands- that is true, we are given NO information about upcoming shipments of merchandise. Please be understanding of cast members who do not know how to answer all of your questions, we honestly try our best and there is often more to the story than youcan see as a guest.

  2. Just a heads up. No limit per customer. They are still available at wattos grotto in Hollywood studios. I was at the park today and picked up 3 for me and my friends.

  3. Got one! When I showed up today at ~4pm the CM told me they were sold out, i had to beg her to check if they had any in the back and she brought out another box of around 20. I only got one so good luck everyone.

    Seems like they are trying to release only a certain number a day. Going early is your best bet.

  4. Can you call the store directly from somewhere else in the states and buy and have them ship it to you? or do they only sell to in park consumers?

  5. Ethan, I picked one of these up yesterday and it looks like they still had plenty.

    Also, I received bands for an upcoming trip on Saturday from Disney and they are both the 1.2 versions.

  6. Just another update on their availability. Walked into The Darkroom at the front of Hollywood Studios today around noon to pick one up, and they had what looked like ~20 of them sitting on the counter behind the register desk, so seems like they still have a good bit of inventory.

  7. Picked up two at Watto’s Grotto today. They were kept behind the counter and it didn’t look like they had that many. The cast member that helped made it seem like they had very few left.

  8. I bought one today at Wattos Grotto. They’re kept behind the counter so you have to ask for it. Also, the CM told me they were all already programmed for Link it later. The CM who sold it to me tried to link it to my account at the time and couldn’t. Another CM came out and said they were all Link it later so I’d have to do it myself. The Darkroom also had them, once again behind the counter.

  9. Picked up 6 today from the dark room! Clerk out wattos grotto said they were sold out and weren’t sure if and when they would get more back. I went to the Darkroom and got the rest available for the moment at least

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