Invited media are starting to receive special event Pandora MagicBands

On May 23-25, 2017, Disney is holding a huge invite-only media event to get ready for the opening of the new Pandora: The World of Avatar land in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. These special journalists, bloggers, and news media were sent very cool video invites in the mail a few months back. The video featured fictitious character Kam Demarco of ACE (Alpha Centauri Expeditions) welcoming people to visit Pandora in the coming weeks. The invitation also included a Pandora Field Guide and itinerary.

This week some media got a second package in the mail containing a special badge/lanyard, promotional MagicBand, ticket media, and further instructions. As more press people pour into Disney next week, they will be given these MagicBands in person as well from what I understand.

Here’s a first look at this special Pandora event MagicBand:

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    • Any Pandora MagicBands won’t come out until May 27, 2017. From what I understand, you’ll need to buy the bands in Pandora… I am not sure if they will be available for purchase online or not.

  1. Anyone know if these do anything unique at the touch points? I want to get all the pandora bands but don’t want to shell out the cash if this doesn’t do anything as these do appear on eBay here and there.

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