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Creator of MagicBand Collectors (which is owned by EA Partners, LLC), it is my goal to catalog and archive the entire history of the Disney MagicBand. I don't work for Disney nor am I associated with them in any way, besides being a mega-fan and living 5 minutes from Walt Disney World. You can contact me at eapartnersllc@icloud.com.


  1. hello,

    Have you heard anymore about the possibility of their being a 2016 Epcot Food and Wine Festival Magic band?
    thanks much

  2. Do you think there will still be some available at the end of September? I’m going to MNSSHP for the first time on 9/29 and I really want to get this one to commemorate this trip. I know there’s only 3000 this year.

  3. So we are going to Disney for the first time and I have never done magicbands. I have seen some of these halloween magicbands for sale on ebay. How easy is it for me to buy one and have our account/tickets/disney hotel attached to it before we leave? We are doing the halloween thing where the band is sold but not until mid-october and I don’t want it to be sold out. Also would be nice to have the band before we go. It’s a last minute trip and the bands won’t be mailed to our house, they will be at the hotel or something like that. Again, first trip to disney so sorry for all the questions. Love this magicband!

  4. Really quite annoyed that they don’t stagger the release of the bands during Halloween parties. Extremely unfair that those booked on later parties have no chance of obtaining one.

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