Guests of the Magic of YPO private event at Disney get special themed MagicBands

If you have this MagicBand, please contact me at I need one for my collection and would like to buy it from you.

A private corporate event is being held this weekend at Walt Disney World for YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization). They have done events for YPO in the past, and this year is no different. The special Disney event is titled Abracadabra! The Magic of YPO 2018. This year over 800 special themed MagicBands were given to attendees and their families, and their names are printed on the back of the bands.

My personal opinion on these: I don’t like them. The simple reason is that the graphic has nothing Disney related at all on it (not even the castle is Disney). My fear is that any corporate group with large money can come in and purchase a customized MagicBand (or any product they want) and have any crappy graphic they want on it with the Mickey logo on the puck/icon. Did a Disney artist even approve this? Or did they just slap the logo on there and call it good because that is what the client wanted? Can you image a McDonalds corporate MagicBand? Yuck. Now obviously Disney needs to please their clients and corporate sponsors… I get it. Logos for sponsors have appeared on rides and other aspects of Disney, and these bands aren’t available to the public, but Disney artists should have input to keep things “on brand” and ensure Disney magic stays within a product line. Where is the line drawn? Obviously not at MagicBand graphic designs anymore.

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  1. I’d say it’s fine. These are not for sale and nobody but the people who get them will technically ever see them.

    While we have a site like this to show us all of the MBs that come out, realistically I would not even know this was a thing unless someone went out if their way to tell me.

    So yeah, a special MB that nobody will ever really see that does not look “Disney” is ok.

  2. As the designer, there are rules to be followed that you explicitly cannot use any Disney iconography with exception of the Mickey imprint as seen on the end. Hence the reason there is a very different look. They were 100 percent approved by Disney.

    • I just didn’t realize Disney was letting companies pay for custom MagicBands graphics now. Was hoping they’d stick with strictly Disney graphics, even for private events.

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