All graphic MagicBands are now “link-it later”. You can now buy them for friends!

The Disney Parks Blog today announced something unexpected and great! Graphic MagicBands (like Frozen the ones with Anna, Elsa, and Olaf on them) previously had to be purchased with a park ticket in hand, and you could not link them at home.

I asked Steven Miller, Disney Merchandise Communications Manager, if this also includes Limited Release and Limited Edition bands, or if this is just for open edition graphic bands and he said YES to LE and LR releases! Here’s the exact response:

@Ethan – ANY retail MagicBand including the solid color, open edition, limited release or limited edition can be linked later. I know it’s something that Guests have asked for in previous stories so the team made it happen! :)



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  1. Awesome! I mean to tell you, as of this past weekend, here’s where our LE bands work:
    Not so Scary Halloween band – only MK (tried at every park)
    Olaf in Summer – DHS only (tried at every park)
    Olaf in Winter – MK and DHS only (tried at every park)
    Christmas band – MK (not DHS; haven’t tried at EPCOT or DAK)

    My kids are nagging me about when a LE band will come out for EPCOT and DAK. We’ve created monsters!

    Also, another thing to note is that as of this past week, magicbands are now eligible for cast member discounts! Currently cast members have a 40% off discount, so this is big news!

  2. I really hope that doesn’t destroy the ability to get limited edition bands at the parties. They did this with pins and they are all scooped up before the parties end. Sucks.

    • I totally understand the concern, but I think they will still be limited to 2 per person. We’ll see.

      The good thing is that hopefully this will make them more collectable, as more people will want to buy them.

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