Four amazing prototype MagicBands discovered!

I’ve been fortunate enough to obtain four new amazing prototype MagicBands from the early days of development. These are rare one-of-kind items that really showcase the history and development of the MyMagic+ technology.

Clear Prototype

This translucent frosty MagicBand was clearly an early development prototype. Although it does have the Mickey head on the front of the band, nothing is listed on the back, not even a MyMagic+ logo. Also, there is a small wire coming out from the side of the band on the back, obviously used to connect to some type of debugging and development device. Check this blog post out for a great detailed breakdown of what components are inside of a MagicBand.


IMG_1050 IMG_1049



Reverse Color

This MagicBand is a special one in that the colors have been reversed. The detachable strap is blue, and the band itself is dark gray. What’s even more unique is that the back of both is all blue. There are some interesting printed details on the back as well, such as the “dummy” number and the band ID.


IMG_1046 IMG_1045



All Yellow

This is an all yellow band similar to the all red band used for FCC approval of the device. It’s unique because the detachable strap is also in yellow and not dark gray like the current design. The end of the detachable part of the band also has a little notch that wasn’t removed.


IMG_1039 IMG_1038



All Dark Grey

Similar to the all yellow band, this band is actually a new color, in that the band itself is dark gray, matching the detachable strap color. You cannot buy this color currently.


IMG_1043 IMG_1042



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  1. Nice protos! I agree, the solid colors would be great, and if I showed that yellow one to my GF, she plot to steal it from you Ethan! 😉

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