Food & Wine Dooney & Bourke MagicBand coming to the festival this year

This MagicBand will be released at the Epcot Food & Wine Festival on August 31st, 2017. It will be a Dooney & Bourke MagicBand at a $48 price point and most likely matches a handbag with the same design. This band was shown off at the Tables In Wonderland Food & Wine 2017 preview event. From what I’ve been told, 2000 or 2500 or these will be made.

For now here’s some preview pics:

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  1. Will this be open to buy at the park like the Flower & Garden festival bands or only in the premium package like previous years?

  2. Jason – it’s very very very unlikely that the Premium Package will be coming back this year. There wasn’t one last year and apparently it was a big money-loser for Disney.

  3. Went looking for this yesterday and… yea, it’s not out yet, duh, haha. I should have guessed since F&W doesn’t start for another month and a half, but never even thunk about it, lol. I really hope it’s not a higher price than regular LE bands though just because it says Dooney and Bourke on it. I could care less about the designer non-sense. I’m here for the Dis, not some ridiculous fashion brand.

  4. Will these be available to purchase online? I’m not going until the end of the F&W Festival and I imagining a scenario where they will be gone by the time I arrive.

  5. I asked several cast members at Epcot last night and one told me at the food and wine center that they would only be available at mouse gear and I over heard someone else ask another cast member and they said the same thing. So we went to mouse gear and I went to the magic band section and it was not on display so a cast member told us to check the dooney and bourke section which ironically still has the walk in the park magic band available LOL but I showed her a picture of the Food and Wine band and she said that they sold out earlier that day so I asked “are they sold out all over the park” and she said “yes” and I said “are you kidding me” and she said let me go check with my other cast members so she went to ask other people and she checked her computer and she came back and said it is sold out all over Epcot. If this is untrue please let me know because i was upset I did not get this band.

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