Finding Dory Limited Edition 3500 MagicBand released at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

UPDATE: I have gotten word that these were accidentally released early, and have been pulled from the shelves. They will be for sale this Friday, June 17th, which is the release date of the movie in theaters.

At The Dino Institute Shop at the exit to the Dinosaur ride in Animal Kingdom, a new Limited Edition 3500 Finding Dory MagicBand has appeared for sale. The band should make lights/sounds at some touch points, and I will confirm as soon as possible. The SKU for this item is 400000498348.

It’s unknown at this time if/when these will appear online for sale in the Shop Disney Parks app or Disney Store.

Special thanks to reader Cassandra for the tip!

Here’s some pictures of what the band looks like:


20160613_183120 20160613_183052






400000498348.1 400000498348.7


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    • They probably won’t make lights/sounds until Friday at the earliest. They just got pulled from the shelves so you are very lucky to get one. Did you get it at the Dino gift shop as well?

  1. I got one!! From Dino institute yesterday. However, I cannot get it to link to my Disney account and I assumed I wouldn’t be able to till Friday. I’m worried now something is wrong since the other reader was able to link hers.

    • It sounds like the Cast Member who rang you up didn’t set the MagicBand for Link-It Later. I’ve noticed this happens quite frequently where they scan the barcode and throw it in the bag without activating it. Essentially, if its not activated it can’t ever be linked to your account until it is. You’ll have to take it back to a merchandise location with the receipt and have them activate it. The other option is to Link-It Now which requires a current MagicBand or Card to link the new MagicBand to. Always be sure they are doing one of these for future purchases!

  2. Nice…I like that they finally came through with a LE band for Animal Kingdom.

    I have a feeling these will sellout faster than the others this year.

  3. It lights up blue and white at the entrance!! I couldn’t hear because of the crowds during rope drop, and so I’m not sure if it makes noise!

  4. The Disney parks app has it, however, it states out of stock. I imagine it will change later today as this can be a way to display the band and not have to fulfill orders yet

  5. You can buy them online today from the website. The app had them this morning but they were listed as sold out but that could change.

  6. I’m at AK now and no luck. I also checked the main store in the center of the park. Apparently they are now sold out but I’m thinking it was just their first shipment. It’s hard to imagine that they sold all 3500 bands in 12 hours but it is Dory.

  7. We bought 4 of the Limited Edition Dory bands at the Emporium today and they are also available in the tomorrowland store by Space Mountain.

          • Heard the bubbles at Epcot tonight towards the rear entrance near Boardwalk. Bought the the other day and tested it tonight. Should have taken a video…sorry. Will be there again on Thursday night, I’ll try to get a video then for you.

          • Thanks Ed! By chance do you happen to have the 2015 Happy Holidays band and/or any of the DVC bands? I’m trying to see if I can record some sounds from those bands as well.

            I think that entry point (the back entrance at Epcot) may be the only one left in the WDW at the four major parks (haven’t tested the water parks) that still has sounds turned on.

          • I know these probably won’t, but has anyone noticed any lights/sounds at the FP+ points. I was really hoping they would make sounds at the FP+ points at Animal Kingdom so that when I am down next month I would have a different band that worked at the FP+ points at all 4 parks.

          • This Dory band is sold park-wide, meaning it only works at the entry touch points, not FP+. And most of the entry touch points have the sound turned off.

  8. I just bought this online with my account. Will it come attached to my account or will I be able to activate it on another? It’s for my girlfriend.

  9. In the video they left you on Facebook I hear bubble sounds. It’s faint. As he said looks like they were being rushed.

    • I could barely hear them unfortunately. Looking for a clearer video. Thank you so much for leaving that video though! I really appreciate it! If I can’t get anything better I will post the video up here.

  10. Bought one today at MK emporium.

    Just green at MK entrance, Pirates FP and Splash Mountain FP. My kid is getting discouraged. Should it make special colors and sounds at every park entrance? City Hall employee told us it is random, no but not sure I believe that. Is ours defective?

    • Because the band is sold throughout all of Walt Disney World, and not a specific park, it will make special lights/sounds at park entry touch points (the turnstiles), not at FastPass+ touch point. So the entrance to Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom… that’s it.

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