Epcot’s Illuminations: Reflections of Earth Farewell MagicBand released today

The new Epcot’s Illuminations: Reflections of Earth Farewell Limited Edition 2500 MagicBand was released on Monday, June 17th, 2019. You can find this band at Epcot stores only. The cost is $34.99 and the barcode SKU is 400036200007.

This MagicBand is not available online from Disney, but you can buy it from eBay online by clicking this link which will take you right to the product listings (if any are available).


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    • I was told by a cast member it does (sounds like it will be similar to the orange 35th band), but haven’t tried yet.

      • @Tim Some do! Some are even given a special scent, or glow in the dark, and Cast Members are told to tell guests it’s supposed to be a magical experience, when it happens. It may not work every time you use a magic band that you know has special effects on them. Some scents dull on the band, and glow in the dark paint can chip with overuse. So there are always downsides to getting the Limited Edition magic bands.

        Chances are, if the band is (nowadays) $34.99, and in a box like this one, and it say “Limited Edition” with a number, it will play a sound effect when you use it at a touch point, and/or the touchpoint ring will glow a different color or set of colors. Not every touchpoint has sound effects working on them. Go to YouTube and search for “MagicBand Special Effects” you’ll find so many you’ll be surprised all of them are somehow programmed into every touch point. Some effects are park exclusives, so it depends on the theme of the band, or the attraction it’s dedicated to. Some bands’ effects aren’t immediately active upon purchasing the band. And some bands genuinely never have an effect built into them, which can be a disappointment. Some touch point sound effects, like those for The Haunted Mansion’s Fastpass+ queue, work regardless of what type of band you have. If this band does do something special, I can pretty much guarantee that its particular magic only showcases itself at EPCOT.

  1. Looks like they’re celebrating Illuminations by saying farewell to the World Showcase. I wonder what they plan on announcing at D23!

  2. If someone grabs a second (or third one) of these bands, I would love one. I am a silver Passholder and can’t get back in until August

  3. Good Morning!

    Does anyone know if these bands are available anymore? Second, are they on sale at downtown Disney? I am currently in black out dates.


  4. Sounds are active! It’s says “refelections of earth” in the announcers voice from the show and the lights glow fire colors similar to the torches.

    • That was the exact same effect that the orange Epcot 35th Anniversary magic band did. That’s kind of disappointing that their repeating/recycling effects and sounds.

  5. I don’t like Disney is recycling sounds/effects. Same thing with the Dooney Flower and Garden ones doing the same effects the last two years.

    Was planning on getting this one but since I have the orange 35th this is an easy pass.

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