Enchanted Tiki Room is the next MagicBand in the 45th Anniversary line

The fifth Limited Edition MagicBand in the Magic Kingdom 45th Anniversary line has been released. This time it’s a beautiful green MagicBand with a parrot on it, the band is limited to 2500, and costs $32.99 just like most of the other 45th bands. The barcode SKU on this item is 4000201877271. This will most likely make special effect lights and sounds at Magic Kingdom touch points related to the Enchanted Tiki Room attraction in some way. Starting today this band is available to order on the Shop Disney Parks app and should be available within the Magic Kingdom any day now.


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  1. Hi Ethan! How many more bands could be released for the 45th Anniversary. Disney has already come out with Blue (Magic Kingdom), Yellow (Small World), Purple (Haunted Mansion), Red (Dumbo), and now Green. What other colors could we see in the future? Thanks!

  2. Here’s what would be left:

    1. Jungle Cruise
    2. Country Bear Jamboree
    3. Hall of Presidents
    4. Tomorrowland Speedway
    5. Peter Pan’s Flight (even though it opened three days after opening)
    6. Swiss Family Tree House (??)
    7. Prince Charming Carousel
    8. Mad Tea Party (there was a similar band released not too long ago though)
    9. WDW Railroad

  3. I think Disney is knocking it out of the park with this series. Vivid colors, great vintage-style graphics, iconic images, and cool lights/sounds! Can’t wait to see what we get next.

  4. It would be really cool to see these for the other parks, i.e. a Figment and Dreamfinder one that sings the original Imagination song.

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