Enchanted Evening vacation packages include romance or honeymoon MagicBands

A new Disney vacation package called the Enchanted Evening package now includes a special set of MagicBands and other goodies upon booking. An add-on to a Disney World Magic Your Way Package, the cost is $160 per couple, and includes (for each person) fireworks and a dessert party, themed MagicBands, luggage tags and a small celebratory treat. When you book the package, you can chose between the Romance or the Honeymoon package and each package has its own unique graphic MagicBand. If you book more than 30 days out, the bands will be shipped to you (see picture below) and have your names on the back of them.

These Enchanted Evening options are available to book from March 14 – May 3, 2017, for travel from March 21 – May 10, 2017. You also have to stay on the same night as the desert party, which is a Monday, Wednesday or Saturday only. You’ll need to call Disney directly to book these packages, as you can’t do them online currently.

Special thanks to DisBoards member PaintsWindColors for providing me with some much needed details.

The Romance band is on the left. The Honeymoon band is on the right.



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  1. Another important detail I found out. You cannot choose your MagicBands as you would normally be able to prior to your stay. The MagicBands will be sent to the resort, and you will be given the special editions upon arrival.

    • If you book more than 30 days out, they will be sent to your house. I know because mine are on the way… but since most bookings available are less than 30 days away, you are correct, you will have to pick them up at the resort.

      • We just booked about 55 days out, but the My Disney Experience app doesn’t show the honeymoon magic bands as an option to select (just the solid colors) should we just wait? How do we make sure not to miss out on these magic bands?

      • I have spent several hours on phone with Disney and was told that we wouldn’t get these bands until we arrived. We purchased 60 days out. Has been very frustrating. :/

  2. Would this not be a deal available to those booking through Shades of Green? I feel like we get shafted every time!

    • Hi Hannah!

      Shades of Green is not an official Disney-owned resort, that is why the deal isn’t available for you. You cannot book standard Magic Your Way packages with that resort or any other resort that isn’t run by Disney directly.

      The resort is self-supporting and the US Department of Defense leased the resort and the land it sits on (which is owned by Disney) with a 100-year lease.

      Just for some background: It’s run by the United States Department of Defense (DOD). It is one of four Armed Forces Recreation Centers (AFRC) resorts and a part of the military’s Morale, Welfare, and Recreation program (MWR).

      Here are some other restrictions of that resort:

      Shades of Green is considered a Disney-owned resort for purposes of Extra Magic Hours/Early Entry Hour at the theme parks. Room charging off Shades of Green property is not available. Resort guests are not eligible for the Disney Dining Plan. It does not participate in the Magical Express program which transfers guests and luggage directly to the Disney resort from Orlando International Airport, skipping baggage claim. Shades of Green guests are required to pay for daily parking at Disney World’s theme parks if they drive their car. Shades of Green’s guests are not eligible to make FastPass Plus reservations 60 days prior to arrival, rather they can begin making FP+ reservations 30 days prior to their first park day. Subsequent day’s reservations are made on a rolling 30-day basis.

  3. What if we are having our honeymoon in December are we able to get this package. We are annual passholders so we don’t need to buy separate park tickets how does this work for us

  4. Just booked for December 25th!! Disney did “change” the package since Whishes went away ? And was replaced by Happily Ever After ?. It was a little confusing for the cast member who helped me book it since I had a complicated situation, for one we’re staying at the Caribbean beach resort and booked a few months ago so we’re getting the $75/night gift card offer AND we’re passwholdere who’s passes expire in October. We were luckily enough to be able to keep the $75/night offer and on good faith tell them we’re renewing (which we will ?). The reason why staying at Caribbean Beach was an issue is beacause they needed to cancel the reservation and rebook it as a package which generally requires a Magic Your Way ticket included but since we’re passholders we do not need a ticket.

    Booked the new package deal for Happily Ever After for December 25 even though we’re passholders who’s passes expire in October and staying at Caribbean beach resort with the $75/night offer. If you’re a passholder it might be a little bit of a hassle expacally if your pass expires before your travel date.

    Yes I’m marring Corinne who posted a few comments above ?We’re getting married on December 23 and honeymoon stay is December 25-27

    • Matt,

      Did they offer a magicband to you and Corinne for the new wedding package? I didn’t realize they canceled the “wishes” packages and might be why they canceled the bride and groom bands. Was just curious.

  5. It appears that the Enchanted Evening package has been extended to this year. Do you know how I can add this package to my “Disney World Magic Your Way Package” if I booked online through their official website? Thanks.

    • Hello,

      You have to call to obtain this package. I’m pretty sure it’s not selectable over the internet. I’d call in to the main number and ask. There is a specific package you have to be booked for to be eligible, however, with the package you already have selected I’d be surprised if you could not sign up for it.

  6. My first question was answered. I was going to ask why they did not show up on MDE. If I read correctly, we booked our honeymoon in November, so we will get them at the resort?

    Also, the whole dessert party package shows up in my confirmation email, but not anywhere in MDE. Is this normal? I didnt know if there was something extra I was supposed to do. Thanks for any help you can give me?

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