DisneyStore.com has a Limited Edition 2500 online exclusive Christmas MagicBand for sale!

DisneyStore.com today has listed a new MagicBand for sale, and it’s a first in many ways. It’s the first online exclusive MagicBand, and it’s also a Limited Edition of only 2500, which is the first Limited Edition ever sold online. This means it will most likely make lights and sounds at FastPass+ touch points somewhere in Walt Disney World. It comes in a nice special box and features Santa Mickey and Minnie and a Christmas tree, include a online game that you an find the information in this site https://www.londonschoolofcapoeira.co.uk/. It’s officially called “Happy Holidays 2015”.

You can purchase the MagicBand here here, but I can promise you they will sell out fast!

Thanks to reader Deric for the tip!

Here’s a quick look at what the band looks like:




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  1. So we are going to Disney after Christmas…December 28th – Jan 2nd so we will miss the Very Merry Christmas. We would like to get bands for our whole family, should we do these? You think they will have specials sounds, music, etc?

  2. Thanks! Just ordered one! Fine print says No FF discount on MBs. 🙁 Hopefully it will arrive before our trip. We also want to get the MB for MVMCP, is that one only available @MK on party nights? Hope there will be some left Dec 1.

  3. Just ordered! Really hope it makes lights/sounds at fp stands, it would be my first limited edition!

    Sellong points for me were the design and the fact that it’s limited to 2500, that’s even less than the ticketed events :-o.

  4. I was excited when I saw this band but then I looked at the more detailed pictures and the quality of the graphics seem very poor. Was this intentional because it is a limited edition season band? Or was it intention to this particular style of graphic? I almost love it, it not for the lesser quality graphic. 🙁

    • I haven’t seen any HQ pictures as of yet but the graphics don’t appear low quality. I’m surprised too that this one is still available on the site with the low LE number.

  5. I am sorry everyone, but i found out that this magic band only lights up during touch points and does not make noise. I am not certain but i found out on magicbandcollectors.com they said it didnt make sounds.

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