Beauty and the Beast MagicBand with Emma Watson as Belle available at Magic Kingdom

UPDATE: This band is now available in the Shop Disney Parks mobile app.

The new Beauty and the Beast MagicBand is now out and available at the Magic Kingdom. The band, which I posted about just a few days ago, has appeared in the Frontier Trading Post shop. It’s unclear at this time if it’s out for sale anywhere else, as it may have been released a bit early at this one specific store. Special thanks to reader Ryan for sending in some pictures and some details.

As I mentioned earlier, the band is blue, shows Belle (played by Emma Watson) in her yellow dress, and is Limited Edition 2500. I don’t yet have a video of the touch point special effects for this band.


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    • It says “Limited Edition 2500” right on the box in the picture. Right underneath the MagicBand. Any band that comes in a special box is always Limited Edition.

  1. Glad this is available online now. We went to the park yesterday to the Trading Post and they stared at us like they had no idea what we were talking about. Then a manager came out and said they were “sold out” and they were accidentally released too early in the store and that’s how some people go them. So we left empty handed only to find them online today.

    • One wonders if these “accidents” are truly that – if memory serves, that’s 3 in a row (Small World, Valentines, and now this one) that were “accidentally” put on the shelves early. Hmmmmmm… 🙂

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