Some Awaken Summer LE MagicBand special effects revealed

According to Kenny the Pirate and the travel agency associated with his website, the new Awaken Summer MagicBand announced earlier today will do the following special features at touch points…

Magic Kingdom: Music from Mickey’s new stage show will play.

Epcot: Music from “In Summer” will play.

Hollywood Studios: Sounds will play music from the Imperial march, BB-8 sounds, or TIE Fighter sounds.

Animal Kingdom: Rivers of Light music will play.

Blizzard Beach: Sounds of Kristoff and Sven.

If this ends up being true (which should be considered a rumor until I see something official from Disney myself), it will be the first MagicBand to make more than just one specific sound and will make this band very special and fun. The colors on the touch points may also be different as well.

I’ve gone ahead and booked a stay for the first day of the package in order to get this band, and I’ll let everyone know (with a video) of what it indeed does do.

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  1. That sounds so awesome! Want one! But alas, that vacation package doesn’t work for us.

    I hope they’re using this as a tester/teaser, and that more MagicBands with these features will follow.

  2. Do you think you could book the package, receive the band, and then cancel it? Having an AP defeats the purpose of buying of the Magic Your Way ticket. I would have had no problem spending a weekend at a resort but the ticket price is very steep.

    • I am not sure if that is possible. It’s not yet known if they ship you this special band, or if you have to pick it up at the resort. If you have to pick it up at the resort, then cancelling wouldn’t work.

  3. Can you confirm if everyone in your party (family of 5 staying in one room with meal plan and 4 day tix) will get a band or will it only be one band. Do we know if you will still get the standard bands as well?

    • Each member of the party needs at least a 2-day ticket to be added to the package (not purchased separately), so each person will get a band. You can’t do the package any other way (for example this won’t work: one person gets a 2-way ticket and the band, and others who have their own tickets don’t). So it’s everyone or no one. It’s very strict and not flexible on the rules.

      Guests have the option to either choose the special band OR choose a solid color band. You can’t have both. I highly recommend you all get the special band because they will be very rare and valuable. Colored bands are free for any other stay, or $12.99 to buy, so you can add those later.

  4. The other downer about this for Annual Passholders is that, since these bands will likely be linked to the members of the traveling party, there will be virtually no opportunity to buy them second market and have them work in the parks. Unless I’m missing something…?

  5. Im taking girls for an awaken summer vacation in July… they want to get the added bonus of the special lights and sounds but don’t want to wear the “boyish band”… is it possible to cover the graphic on these bands in a solid color or paint over it in someway and still reap the benefits of the touch points playing the special lights and sounds… do the lights and sounds come from the band itself or from the touchpoints? sorry – we’ve never done a magic band trip before 🙂

    • The sounds come from the touch points. You can paint over the blue using nail polish from what I understand, but I have never done it myself.

  6. Can we still choose the solid color magic bands and get the special effects or do we need to select the awaken summer magic band with the Star Wars theme?

  7. How is this one different from the flower and garden bands and the Christmas and Halloweens bands that also have the special effects?

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