Avengers: Infinity War get a Thanos villain Limited Edition MagicBand

The new Marvel movie Avengers: Infinity War hit theaters this week, April 27th, 2018, and Disney has a special surprise Limited Edition 3000 MagicBand for the movie. The band solely features the villain Thanos with his gauntlet and Infinity stones. The box and band are black, and the box is also embellished with gold foil trim, which is a first for packaging. The price is $32.99 and the barcode SKU is 400020780539.

As of the time of the posting of this article, these bands were only available throughout the Magic Kingdom and in The Dark Room at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. You cannot find these at Epcot, Animal Kingdom, or anywhere online. I am unsure if these will appear for sale on Shop Disney or if these are park exclusive, but if they do become available online I will be sure to post an order link this page.




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  1. They had the Groot/Rocket and Thanos bands at the Super Hero Headquarters in Disney Springs this evening. The Thanos one sold out while I was there but they still had the Groot/Rocket version.

    • It does. We’re trying to get a video with sound for it soon, but it’s been difficult because most of the touch points don’t have the sound turned on.

          • Is there any reason what the logic is for select sites where they work? Specifically, is there a reason they don’t work at all tap points at all parks? I assume there is some logistical issue but I find it odd that these LE bands do not work everywhere. Just curious if you know. Thanks.

          • I wish I knew why they did it the way they do, but I know Disney wants it to be a “surprise” to normal guests. By making it only at certain touch points (with guest generally unaware of which ones) they can “surprise” them.

  2. Thanks, that is basically what I figured. I personally don’t want it to be surprise, I want it every time when I pay a premium for a magicband 🙂

  3. I’m hoping this will still be available next weekend… I have a mule going to WDW and will see if they can purchase one for me.
    Definitely would love to have this as the start of my MagicBand collection.

  4. @ethan I need to pick up two magicbands for a couple family members. I know you said that you get a kickback if I click a certain link. Do you have links for a standard blue and pink? Not the millennial pink the darker shade. They offer free shipping until Thursday. Thanks for your help

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