Annual Passholder exclusive Pandora MagicBand being released for Opening Day

An awesome new teal Annual Passholder exclusive MagicBand is being released for Pandora: The World of Avatar on opening day, May 27th, 2017. Disney Parks Blog has the full details. The band is Limited Edition 5000 and is $32.99. It will most likely make special effect lights and sounds at touch points throughout Animal Kingdom. I’ll have a video of it as soon as possible when I get my personal band. This is the first ever Annual Passholder exclusive band and the fourth Pandora related MagicBand created.

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  1. I am wondering if going forward Disney will make “passholder” magic bands.

    Its actually a good idea instead of the sliders.

  2. Bought mine. You can get them either at Windtraders or at Discovery Tading Company. 5000 is a lot but they were going fast. As soon as I use mine I will post a picture of what it does f no one else does.

  3. Just tested the passholder Pandora magic band at an Epcot machine and it doesnt do anything different. Will try other parks and report back. We were told at Epcot that not all park macines support the feature.

  4. Just to let everyone know these are back in stock as of 7/29 in Pandora at Wind Traders at the register closest to the Banshee Rookery and the Avatar action figure maker.

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