An Open Edition MagicBand switches to a Limited Release

The Open Edition Hitchhiking Ghosts MagicBand has switched to a Limited Release for the MagicBand 2 version, resulting in a $5 increase in the price. This is the first time Disney has done this with any band, and I’m curious why they decided to switch this. Was it for purely more profit? Or was the Open Edition not selling to the right customer? Regardless, if you want this graphic on a MagicBand 2, it’s going to cost you extra. Both versions are available today on the Shop Disney Parks app, but I doubt the original Open Edition will be available for very much longer.

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  1. Hey Ethan – I wonder if the original Hitchhiking Ghosts band was the anomaly in this series and not the other way around… The other two V1 Haunted Mansion bands (gray and purple) were both Limited Release, correct? What do you think?

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