A new teal Limited Edition 5000 Explore Pandora MagicBand is now available

Another Limited Edition Pandora MagicBand is now available at Windtraders on Pandora: The World of Avatar in Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The time it’s a teal band in a yellow box, limited to 5000, and costs $32.99. The barcode SKU for this item is 400020445346. I am unsure if or when this band will appear in the Shop Disney Parks app or on the Disney Store online. The theme is “Explore Pandora” and shows the Valley of Mo’ara as seen while in the Pandora themed land. It should make special lights and sound effects at Animal Kingdom touch points.

Credit to Instagram user tradzak for the actual pictures of the band.


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  1. Dang! Another one?!?! So many LEs being released. Getting hard to keep up, and those are the only ones I’m even collecting. Haha. More of a fan of the previous band’s design, as well as the box which sort of reminds me of how Pandora land looks at night. But, nothing wrong with more choices.

  2. The 2nd LE Pandora band is now available on ds.com. Do not see it on the app yet. So there’s hope for this one for us non-residents! LOL

  3. Forgot to record, just used the new MagicBand at the FP+ entrance to Safari and it changed yellow blue and red and growled. Much louder than breathing banshee on the Passholder MagicBand.

  4. Is it still available now? I see it’s no longer on the Shop Disney website. I might have waited too long to grab it.

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